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Jizhou Li is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Data Science, City University of Hong Kong. He was a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University after receiving his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

With a solid foundation in mathematics and engineering, Dr. Li has consistently pursued advancements in the field of imaging data science, advancing both the methodologies and applications of various imaging techniques, including optical, X-ray, and electron microscopy. While Dr. Li’s work aims to push the boundaries of various scientific domains, fostering accelerated interdisciplinary research and discovery (AI for Science), he also emphasizes its tangible impact in the industrial sector, ensuring that his findings translate into practical and measurable outcomes (AI for Industry).

Dr. Li has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals/conferences, such as Science, Nature’s sister journals, PNAS, IEEE Transactions, among others. He was the recipient of a few awards from IEEE and SIAM, including two best conference paper awards from IEEE Signal Processing Society and Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, and CVPR Best Paper Award Finalist from IEEE Computer Society.

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Scientific Data Science

  • Computational Imaging

  • Image Processing & Analysis

  • Interdisciplinary Research


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